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Past Experience

As Director of Global Strategy Learning at McKinsey & Company, Trish led innovations in digital learning, developed scalable curriculum for mastery of complex strategy concepts, and delivered high impact internal and client focused programs.

From an initial role as a subject matter expert, Trish went on to lead curriculum design, redesign faculty training, and create certificate programs based on Jack Welch’s acclaimed management philosophy.  She served as Dean of the Jack Welch Management Institute, one of the first accredited fully online MBA programs, and was instrumental in their move to Strayer University.

Trish took on a newly created role of Director of Eminence for Deloitte Services’ Growth Portfolio, where she was a core team member instrumental in crafting a powerful thought leadership strategy.

Industry experiences early in her career, as an internal consultant in a Steel company, General Manager at a Los Angeles weaving mill, and Vice President of Acquisitions for an international Aggregates firm, shaped her pragmatic perspective on management.

As Academic Director of Wharton’s selective second year Consulting course (the Global Consulting Practicum, or GCP), Trish enjoyed growing and training the faculty cohort, helping to expanding the program’s reach in South America, and codifying its problem framing methodology.

Trish joined the full time faculty of the Columbia University Business School, designing and leading programs like Creating and Executing breakthrough Strategies (with Rita McGrath) and delivering acclaimed open enrollment and custom programs around the world.