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Four Types Of Disruptive Innovators, And How to Nurture Them


The New Yorker recently argued that “disruption” doesn’t really exist. Wrong, says Trish. Many companies harbor these potential innovators and should encourage them — or risk losing them to a competitor that values their insights and energy. Let Clay Christensen, The New Yorker Argue About Disruption — Here’s How It Really Works Bring up the subject of disruption, and you’re ... Read More »

How Perfectionist Bosses Work on Problems


Was Walmart chief Doug McMillon right to blame severe winter weather for his company’s disappointing quarterly profits? Probably not. Trish explains how great managers focus on perfect execution — deftly handling the many small decisions, small investments and small solutions that add up to big wins. Don’t Blame the Weather, Wal-Mart: 4 Ways Perfectionists Tackle Problems by Trish Gorman, published on ... Read More »

Seeking Rapid Growth? ‘Don’t Swing For The Fences,’ Warren Buffett Says


In his most recent letter to shareholders, Warren Buffett described two successful small investments he made more than 20 years ago. Both illustrate one of his fundamental rules: “Keep things simple and don’t swing for the fences.” In parts one and two of this two-part column, Trish explores six powerful growth strategies that thoughtful managers in a range of industries ... Read More »

Why Can’t Today’s Bosses All Be as Strong as Steve Jobs?


People often lament the fact that their boss—or even their president—isn’t as strong as Apple’s Steve Jobs. But actually, the most talented executives Trish has studied, met and taught are “weak.” They’re pliant, collaborative, humble, nice, deferential—and far more effective at their jobs. Why Can’t Today’s Bosses All Be as Strong as Steve Jobs? by Trish Gorman, published on Forbes,com February ... Read More »